Our Academic Programs feature experiential learning with academic credit and social-emotional learning activities.

Academic ProgramS

RMPR’s Academic Programs are our most popular experiential learning programs. Across an 11 day stay, students engage in a social-emotional learning curriculum that highlights elements of leadership development, emotional intelligence, courage and connection, and so much more. Our unique curriculum provides students with not only a fun, open environment but also an interactive, learning experience.

Program length: 11 days

Cost: $-$$ days

Interests:  Leadership, Self-Discovery, Vulnerability

A typical day

Morning chores

7:30 AM


8:30 AM

Hiking/Equine Lesson

9:30 AM


12:30 PM

Work Projects/Horse Rides

1:30 PM

Goal Setting Lesson

3:00 PM


6:00 PM

Evening Programming

7:00 PM

Lights Out

10:30 AM


Elective-Credited Curriculum*

Horseback Riding


Rock Climbing



Ground transportation—covered. We take care of getting you around so you can enjoy the experience. All transportation during the duration of the program is included.

Accommodations will be at our private ranch in Allenspark, Colorado neighboring the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. Our ranch is intentionally designed to provide a safe and comfortable setting for students.

We provide three meals a day, every day (including travel day meals sent with participants). With advanced notice, we can accommodate special dietary restrictions and allergies.

Our Program Facilitator is a highly qualified trip leader who facilitates all aspects of the trip for our students, chaperones, and staff. They provide supervision, support, and all the social emotional facilitation within the program.

In addition to the Program Facilitator, each trip will be equipped with a team of our Experiential Outdoor Educators (EOEs). Our EOEs are highly trained educators who are responsible for supporting the Program Facilitator and tour guides. All EOEs are trained in CPR/First Aid and all emergency trip protocol.

All activities throughout the duration of the program are included on our trips. This includes guided tours and hikes supervised by Pathways staff.

Pathways staff creates and facilitates all social emotional and experiential programming including group activities, ice breakers, and trip activities. Our staff are also trained to provide exceptional support for students on their emotional well-being (i.e. ease culture shock, mediate conflict, etc)

The Pathways team provides supervision DAY & NIGHT, including being on-call for emergencies.

Pathways programs are unique such that we can provide academic/elective credit to students. Pathways staff will tutor students throughout the trip on the provided curriculum and support with grading. *Varies per school administration

We provide a dedicated Program Liaison to host pre-trip orientation/parent information night (including make up orientations), assist with gathering the necessary paperwork, and to liaison with school/students/parents to ensure that all pre-trip logistics are fulfilled.

Customization and additional services are available for ALL programs!


We work with several schools and educational organizations to deliver fun and educational programs. Message us to get started!

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